Friday, 25 May 2012

Hill Run

At the edge of the town where we live there is a big hill. It's visible from most places around town, and we have lovely views of it every day on the school run. Since we moved here in August last year, I've often wondered how I could get to the foot of it so I could go up it. A few weeks ago I pootled around on my bike, and eventually found a path that leads to the bottom of the hill. Then we had weeks of heavy rain, which put me off trying to run near there.

Now we are enjoying a long period of hot sunny weather, so this morning I headed off to the foot of the hill.

Before I left I applied plenty of suncream, as my arms are already sunburnt from the last few days, and most of the run was unshaded. It was about 2 miles to the hill, and then I got to a gate and a field with 2 cows and some calves in. Luckily I met a walker there, and she told me which direction to head in.

It was quite steep and I had to walk quite a lot of it, and I stopped near the top to sit and rest in the blazing sun. I started to worry that I was going to get sunburn or sunstroke (or just dehydrated), so after snapping a few pictures of the view, I clambered down again. It was still slow-going, as it was too steep to run in places. It was such a relief to get to the last 0.5 mile along the road, as I knew that part was shaded by the trees.

Overall this was more of a combination of running and hill-walking than a usual run, but it was definitely a good workout. It looks as though the weather is set to continue, so I'm going to have to find some more shady routes. I'm very much accustomed to running in the rain and cold, but I'm not used to this heat at all!


  1. Looks like an awesome run but certainly hard. Wise to minimize time in the sun. Have a good weekend!

  2. Hills are tough but boy do they make you stronger. Good job on the climb....sure looks hot though. I can't run in the sun without a visor or a cap with a big brim.

  3. Isn't it fun to do something so totally different from time to time? Sounds great! Enjoy the rest of the sunny days - looks like we've got an entire week to look forward to. Do you think we'll be craving our cold and rain by the end?

  4. Definitely looks like a fun adventure! Will you do it again do you think?

  5. It's great trying new challenges. This one sounded pretty tough. And you did it. The weather looks amazing - I'm sitting here typing with fingers that hardly work because of the cold.